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Daughters of fathers incapable of showing love.

This article looks at how women who have felt unloved by their fathers go onto have relationships as they get older.

In her 1992 book, Women and Their Fathers: The Sexual and Romantic Impact of the First Man in Your Life, Victoria Secunda concluded that a number of men and women grow up with a "remote and aloof father." Those women who do not feel affirmed by their fathers develop a tendency, then, to respond to the men in their lives as they once responded to their elusive father: they desperately seek intimacy but are unable to believe that men can be trusted and so they remain always on guard.

Sibling rivarly in adulthood

Weight Loss, Dating, and Relationships

Does how you lose weight affect the way people see you romantically?

Posted Sep 21, 2017

It's hardly a surprise that people who are obese face considerable discrimination.  

Whether seeking a new job, being in the workplace, or applying for health coverage, the bias against overweight men and women can be hard to overcome. Research into weight bias has found a consistent tendency to view overweight people as being "lazier," less motivated, and more to blame for their weight compared to thinner individuals. This is especially true when obesity is regarded as something that can be easily controlled through willpower and making the "right" health decisions. As a result, this kind of bias often leads to more negative outcomes for many obese people, including lower employment rates, lower salaries, and lower educational achievement than their less-overweight counterparts.

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