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What is the type of counselling I offer & frequently asked questions

I offer a confidential space for you to explore and find resolution to your issue. I do this from practice bases in London's Square Mile South East and North London.

My fees are minimum £70.00 for an one to one 50 minute session however I will consider offering student and lower income discounts please enquire at the time of booking.

For couples my fees are minimum of £100.00 but, again this this can be negotiated.

I can offer short term (6-8) or long term (open ended) counselling/psychotherapy sessions depending on your needs and mutual agreement.

You may wonder what is counselling in general?

Individual counselling

Time and space for you

Speaking with a professional counsellor who is interested without judging or telling you what to do is often healing. Counselling can help you to pay attention to yourself, making it easier to get to the root of your distress and to gain greater clarity regarding what you want and need.

You may wish to work with your emotions and moods, reach decisions, improve your relationships and address your anxiety, stress and depression. Perhaps you would like to work with issues relating to your past or to deal with difficulties that you are facing now. As a Integrative counsellor I hope to provide a therapuetic relationship that is empathic, healing and psychologically growthful. You may find yourself reaching fresh insights, becoming more confident and discovering new ways forward.

Couples and Family Relationships

Communicating with each other in a safe environment
When there are problems in our relationships we can experience distress, anxiety and anger. Speaking with each other openly can be difficult due to the underlying tensions and a loss of trust. Sometimes couples realise that they have drifted apart and are seeking a greater sense of companionship and fulfilment within their relationship.

Working with a qualified counsellor can help you to identify and address the causes of your difficulties and to understand each other's feelings and perspectives. You can also improve upon how you communicate your views and emotions with each other.

I counsel people with various multicultural backgrounds and beliefs. Tensions can sometimes arise between couples and within families. For example when family members choose to marry someone of a different cultural background or belief and when children wish to live differently from their cultural and religious or non religious upbringing. Such situations can be distressing for children, parents and families. Counselling provides an opportunity to understand each other's distress and to work with the issues.

Children's counselling

Children can express themselves in a gentle and accepting atmosphere.
Counselling can be very helpful for when children are feeling unhappy, anxious, confused and angry. Sometimes a child's behaviour is an indication of their distress, for example frequently being in trouble at school, a general loss of enthusiasm or interest. Children who are experiencing life changes such as bereavement, illness and parental divorce, can find it easier to adapt with the support of a professional counsellor.

Whilst it is important to encourage children to talk about their feelings young children might find this difficult. Through creative play such as puppets and art materials, children can express themselves in their own way and we can work with the issues that are troubling them.

In my experience, children who are willing to meet with me are most likely to benefit from their therapy sessions. If you are wondering how to suggest counselling to your child we can discuss this in a telephone conversation.

Some children prefer to see me alone whilst others feel more comfortable if a parent is with them. I also work with parent and child together when there are problems between the two of you.

BACP Definition
“Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of talking therapies. They are delivered by trained practitioners who works with people over a short or long term period to help them bring about effective change or enhance their wellbeing”

The BACP (2002) offers a comprehensive definition of what counselling entails. The framework goes on to explain that counselling is NOT advice giving, but is a way of people working through their issue/s in a safe way with a trained practitioner.

How much does it cost?
I charge min £70 per session (although I offer a discount for students and other circumstances, so please do ask)
I also provide couples counselling for min £100 per session.

How does counselling work?
Counselling works by allowing people the space to and circumstances to work through their issues in a safe place with a person who has been trained to facilitate this.

What theoretical approach do you use?
I work Integratively. This means that I will use many different approaches that best suits the person, be it Humanistically, Cognitively or Psychodynamically. I use a variety of approaches as I believe that the approach should suit the person rather than the person fitting into the approach. I always discuss with my clients the approach I intend to use before using it.

What if I feel better and do not want to continue?
I work in blocks of 6 sessions and when we begin I set out the contract stating how many sessions we agree to. Should you desire to leave the counselling I would still ask that you fulfil your commitment to the counselling contract, although you can pay weekly for your counselling rather than pay the six session up front.

Do you have links to other services if I need a referral for something like addictions?
If we discussed a referral to another service that can offer you practical support, then I would quite happily work with you and that service to support your needs (this includes referrals to residential treatment).

Is Therapy for me?
Counselling is an option you might like to consider if you are experiencing difficulties in your life.

A counselling relationship is maybe unlike any other relationship you have experienced. It requires a great deal of participation on your part. It is the counselor's role to help you to find answers to your questions and make better sense of your current life situation. Gaining a clearer appreciation and understanding of your problems is the first step on the road to making changes.
Counselling gives you the opportunity to take stock of your life and address the issues that are making life difficult.
I offer confidential counselling to individuals, couples and groups using an open, grounded, jargon free approach. This includes a non-judgemental, respectful space for you to explore life issues.

I do not use any 'Techniques' without explaining them and gaining your consent first.

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